Making sense.

Creativity makes my days; makes me think, learn, interpret, and bring ideas to life. I joyfully go through the process to create attractive and meaningful design that connects, communicates, and makes sense to the audience.
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What I'm up to Lately...

After years of school, side projects, and work in a corporate environment, I decided to go with the flow and variety of freelancing. I work independently on graphic and web design projects, client-driven as well as self-initiated. Identity design and brand development, publication, and interactive design are on top of my list. Below are some of my ongoing projects. Show more.

Web Design for

Being your own client, yet still designing for the audience, is challenging and rewarding! With hundreds of ideas and possibilities, it's very tough to be the only decision-maker and wear many hats at the same time, spending long hours creating everything by yourself — concept, layout, product shots, illustrations, copy, marketing materials, and so on... Thanks a ton to all my peers for their valuable feedback and keeping me inspired all along!

Interactive Website for Pandora's Box.

Pandora's Box is a collaborative art project. It consists of 140 conceptual "taboo of war" leaves, designed by 14 artists (including myself) and packaged in an antique ammunition box. It has been exhibited in various museums/shows since 2007. I'm designing an interactive showcase of Pandora's Box, so it could reach a larger audience and gain more exposure by being available online.

Schedule Agent Visual/UI Design.

Visual/UI Design.

Habitat for Humanity: Logo for Habi-Dash Fundraising Event.

Logo for Habi-Dash Fundraising Event.

Excel Youth Zone: Proposed Logo Redesign.

Logo Redesign.

GE Lighting: Product Guide.

Product Guide.

Artistic Expressions III.

Repeating elements have always grabbed my attention. I tend to look for patterns in everything I encounter and single out those special details that make something unique or interesting. The piece on the right consists of 3 sets of repeating images, with one unique image in each set. By altering a part of the content, each set starts to tell its own unique story. *Original digital photography and mixed media.
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