WAY BEFORE * 09.2001 to 11.2006

Projects from Way Before Now.

I received my BS in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of CA — San Francisco, mostly focusing on publication and identity design. Prior to that I attended San Jose City College and received AS in Digital Art as well as AS in Web Design. While in school, I was picking up freelance projects, involving logo and stationery design, static and animated banner ads, website layouts, and direct mail. Show more.

Artistic Expressions I.

The sculpture was made as a representation of an abstract word (as well as one of the subjects that really piques my interest) — Mind — the white face represents the conscious, the black piece is amorphous and represents unconscious, and the gray piece in between is subconscious. The three elements are supported by wire that represents time and environment. Materials: clay, primer, and acrylic paint.

Babushka &mdash Animated Cartoon.

Animated cartoon.

Photography Book – Abstractions.

This perfect-bound book (8.75 × 5.25 inches) showcases a flawless sequence of 35 abstract color photos of water, reflection, and shadow. For a few weeks I was greatly exposed to outdoors, taking hundreds of photographs, which were then carefully narrowed down, color corrected, and laid out in InDesign. I was also responsible for pre- and post-production — pre-flighted, proofed, printed, trimmed, and hand-bound the book.

Illustrated Book – Visual Illusions.

Visual Illusions is an entertaining pocket book (5 x 3.5 inches) that explains a variety of visual illusions. The book is perfect-bound, 32 pages, and has two foldouts — one describes how illusions are categorized; the other outlines a timeline of psychological findings related to the subject. All graphics are vector-based, designed in Illustrator, and can be printed at any size.

Fine Art Book – Spirituality.

This collaborative book provides unique artistic expressions about spirituality from 14 individuals (including myself) — each designed his/her own book spread and played a significant role in production. Handmade Johannot paper was used for spreads, ivory Murillo paper was used for the cover; printed with Pantone inks 1805 U (rust), 469 U (brown), and 123 U (yellow). *Limited edition of 60.

Academy of Sciences Invite.

Invitation card and membership brochure for the Opening Night had to be tied to African Penguins exhibit. Academy's established audience is elementary & middle school students and their parents. Thus the use of sketch-like lines, circles (exhibit window shape and air bubbles), and hand-drawn illustration style — casual and appropriate for the audience.

Montalvo Direct Mail Campaign.

Montalvo is a non-profit organization focusing on visual and performing arts. Art for All Senses campaign was geared towards young children and their parents. All print materials — two mailers, newspaper ads, and a calendar were designed to be interactive; featuring various maze games, trivia, and multiple-choice questions — fun for ages 4-12, yet appealing to adults as well.

Rebrandng of Aflac, Inc.

Proposed redesign of Aflac, Inc. has a clean corporate branding style. The new logo is simple, scalable, memorable, and modern. Plenty of white space speaks quality and brings attention to content, emphasizing its importance. White color is symbolic of new beginnings; blue signifies trust and philanthropy; orange hints at joy and warmth.

Identity and Branding for InDENT.

InDENT is a not-for-profit organization that creates art out of recycled materials. I designed the logo, stationery, website, and catalog template. The color scheme was drawn from soil and trees, resembling environmentally friendly nature of InDENT. The supporting brand elements are repeated bars (as in recycled/shredded paper) and organic shapes of tree branches (as ways to invent art).
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